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Silk has various benefits for your health, and pure quality silk bed sheets can be pretty expensive. However, silk sheets of varying ranges are available in the market based on the level of their purity. Silk is often blended with other fabrics, which reduces the benefits it offers with regards to comfort and health . 

Silk is a natural fibre, and the production process takes time. Contrary to popular belief, a good quality silk sheets can last for a long time compared to the regular cotton sheets you use. Despite being lightweight and lustrous, silk is strong and durable. It is only fragile when it comes in contact with water and this is why it is important to understand how to wash silk. A popular silk wedding anniversary gift silk is a quality gift representing good taste on your behalf when gifted to your beloved, friends or family.

Experience the smooth, soft and luxurious feeling of sleeping on pure silk. Let us explore the factors that affect the price of silk.

Reasons Why Silk Is So Expensive?

  • Silk Production is Time-Consuming and requires Skill:

Silk is produced by gathering silkworms who spin a cocoon.They are harvested to extract fibres from this cocoon. Numerous eggs are incubated in optimum conditions till they hatch into caterpillars. The silkworms are fed mulberry leaves (the best leaves) and are allowed to grow till they start spinning their cocoon. These are put in boiling water to dissolve the gum, and each thread is carefully reeled to protect the long threads. The threads are then bleached and dried before dyeing. The threads are then spun with spinning wheels and weaved at right angles so that the silk cloth comes together to form a vital piece.

  • Pure Quality Silk and Blended Silk: Differences

Silk is a natural fibre containing proteins, which are biodegradable polymers. The fibres are long, thin and soft, absorbent, lustrous, firm and wrinkle-resistant. In contrast, blended silk is silk mixed with polyester and lyocell. Polyester is a synthetic fibre made by heating carboxylic acids and petroleum bi-products, reducing the properties of pure silk when the two are blended. 

  • Silk is Hypoallergenic 

Silk is excellent for someone having sensitive skin and is resistant to allergens, such as molds, fungi, dust mites and bacteria. It can help to reduce the symptoms of allergy and provide relief.. It is soft and smooth to the skin as it contains fibres tightly woven together. 

  • Silk is Thermoregulating

Which other fabric would you find that regulates the temperature as you sleep? Silk acts as a layer of warm air between you and the external environment when the temperatures are low outside and emits excessive heat when the weather gets hot. When used as bedding, silk can provide superior comfort no matter the season. 

  • Silk has Hydrating Properties.

Silk has hydrating properties due to the natural protein sericin it contains. Thus, it ensures that your skin and hair remain hydrated while you sleep. 

Therefore, it is wise to choose natural and high-quality silk compared to low-quality inexpensive blends, which are of no good to you. Although it might be a little expensive, silk sheets would be worth the price you pay for silk

 wedding anniversary gifts. 

Where to Find Pure Quality Silk Wedding Anniversary Gift?

We have looked at numerous brands manufacturing silk sheets and one that stands out is Mayfairsilk. They produce premium quality silk sheets, silk  pillowcases and accessories. They use the highest quality of silk, the 6A grade in 22 momme for their silk sheets and 25 momme for their silk pillowcases. Their products make a wonderful silk wedding anniversary gift. They have won various awards, such as ‘Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022- Bedding Brand of the Year in the UK’, which is a testimony of their quality. Moreover, their fabrics are biodegradable and sustainable, containing all the properties of natural silk. The material is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that it does not contain any harmful substance. 

You can browse their vast collection of silk sheets on their website or look for some silk wedding anniversary gift  for your partner or a birthday gift for a friend.

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